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New Patient Chiropractic Appointment 


How to Prepare for Your First Visit:

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. This will give you adequate time to fill out paperwork. Bring a photo ID and a copy of your insurance card for us to scan. If you do not have a physical copy, you can email a copy to If you have any previous imaging or test results (X-ray, MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, bloodwork, etc.), please bring a copy at the time of your first visit. 

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing (T-shirt, shorts, sweatpants, etc.) to allow for movement during your visit. If you forget or are coming straight from work, don't worry, we have some clean, extra clothes that you can borrow for your visit. 

What to Expect at Your First Visit :

Going to a new doctor can be scary, but there is no need to fear! On your first visit, our doctors and staff will make you feel at home and guide you through everything. Your visit will start off with our doctors taking a thorough history so they can understand your pain, understand your goals, and understand your lifestyle. This is the time for you to discuss health concerns, health history, movement struggles, and more. Then they will perform a physical exam. This includes range of motion, neurological testing (reflexes, muscle strength, sensation), orthopedic tests, and palpation. From there, the doctor will discuss with you and explain their findings and determine if they can help you. In most cases, treatment will begin on the same day unless there are additional tests that need to be done. The initial exam and treatment will take 30-60 minutes, so please allow adequate time. 

New Patient Paperwork:

If you want to save some time, fill out the paperwork ahead of time! Click the link below to download and print our new patient paperwork. 

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