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Not Your Typical Chiropractic Office

We are not your typical Chiropractor. We are not like the Chiropractors you watch on Youtube, and we are not just another Chiropractor in town! We are different, innovative, and research-driven. Here’s how we stand-out:

  1. X-rays - The old fashion technique behind Chiropractic was to x-ray patients before any form of treatment - to make sure there are no red flags and to identify areas that need “alignment”. However, the current guidelines do not recommend this. It is more costly, delays treatment, and isn’t an accurate representation of your potential need for an adjustment. At Tennessee Back Pain Center, we only x-ray if deemed necessary. This means if you have any red flags that might indicate something more serious is wrong, if you have suffered some form of trauma, or if we have treated you for a period of time and see no improvement.

  2. Treatment plans - You should not have to pay thousands of dollars up front to see a Chiropractor. The traditional and old school Chiropractors use a business tactic to scare you into coming back. They tell you to sign up for a plan where you see them 2-3x/week for several weeks or else your body will fall apart. This is not right. The frequency of your treatments should be based on how you are feeling, how you are responding to care, and more! At Tennessee Back Pain Center, there are no treatment plans. Instead, after each visit we decide together when you need to come back. It might be in a couple days, maybe a week, or even a month later. We want to get you better, out of pain, and out of our office!

  3. Quality of Care -Traditionally, Chiropractors may spend 5-10 minutes with their patients. At Tennessee Back Pain Center, we spend 15-45 minutes with every patient. This is important to us because we want to listen to your story, get to know what your goals are, and truly understand your pain. We care about YOU, want to listen to YOU, and truly get to know YOU.

  4. Tailored Treatments - Everybody is different. Every condition is different. And everyone responds differently. That’s why our treatments are customized to each patient. We heavily rely on our initial exam and consultation to figure out what the root cause of your pain is. We want to put out the fire, instead of fanning the smoke. Some visits we might not adjust, some visits we might put emphasis on exercise, and some visits we may try something new. It all depends on what you need and what is best for you at the moment.

  5. Home Care - We want to equip you with your own methods to get rid of your pain. Therefore, we teach every patient some exercises that they can do at home to keep the pain away! Research has also proven that adjustments coupled with exercise deem the best results clinically and re-enforces the effects of the adjustment to last longer.

  6. Keep doing the things you love - Our job is not to restrict your everyday life, but to empower you and strengthen you to keep doing what you love for many many years. There are some instances that we might say to back off on a certain activity TEMPORARILY just to allow your muscles to calm down. But our #1 goal is to have no functional limitations. Meaning you can do everything you want to do, love to do, and more without any pain!

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