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Self-Care Instead of Healthcare

Do you normally go to the doctor when you are sick or healthy? Sick. Then why is it called healthcare, when it should be called sickcare? 

Healthcare gives you pills and sends you home, but doesn’t keep you healthy. That’s why we firmly believe if you practice self-care now, you won’t need healthcare later. Self-care is changing the way you live, eat, and move to help PREVENT sickness, pain, and disease. We truly want to make you healthy and more importantly, keep you healthy. We want to prevent pain instead of seeing you in pain.

That is why with every visit, we provide some take-home exercises. These exercises are nothing extensive, but simple tasks to strengthen your muscles, relieve your joints, and prevent pain and suffering in the future. Our exercises are tailored to complications you will face in everyday life. 

We also want to talk to you about diet, poor posture, and exercise habits to set you up for success in the future. We want to get you out of our office and back to doing the things you love. We would much rather you be running races, participating in sports, or trying a new workout class than visiting us because of pain. 

Being healthy is an investment, an investment that starts today! If you want to live a long life, then do what you need to do to get yourself on the right path. 

We will guide you towards a life of health, but the true self care is the investment you decide to make in your own health and longevity.

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