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Your X-Ray Doesn't Tell The Whole Story

A picture is just a snapshot of time. 

Just like a picture of a little baby can be cute, we know that babies aren’t always cute. Sometimes they are screaming in the middle of the grocery store, sometimes they have an explosive diaper, sometimes they have food all over their face.  

The same thing is true of imaging of the body. When people injure themselves, they immediately want images to “show” what is going on in the body. But a picture is just that, only a snapshot of the exact moment in time. It is not an exact representation of reality. 

You might have a kneecap that dislocates often, but when you get x-rays the kneecap is perfectly aligned. That doesn’t mean that your kneecap doesn’t dislocate. You might be experiencing low back pain and when you get x-rays it looks like one hip is higher than the other. But that doesn’t mean that your hips are actually off. 

Furthermore, some chiropractors use x-rays to show where to adjust. The issue with this is the dynamic nature of the body compared to the static nature of the x-ray. Every movement is going to affect the position of your spine. So as soon as you leave the x-ray room, that x-ray is no longer an accurate picture of the positioning of your spine. 

Now don’t get me wrong, x-rays are warranted from time to time. They are perfect for identifying bone fractures, disc narrowing, and other pathoanatomical conditions. But the next time you have an x-ray taken, just remember that there is way more to the story than what is shown. 

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