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Adjustments + Muscle Work + Exercise = Lasting Relief

Here’s some chiropractic math for you! It’s a simple formula: Adjustments + Muscle Work + Exercise = Lasting Relief

Step 1 - Get Adjusted.

Spinal manipulation aka the adjustment is performed when your joints are restricted or stuck in a certain range of motion. This could be due to posture, compensation/protective patterning, stress, age, movement dysfunction, trauma, abnormal development, improper nutrition, and more. The goal of spinal manipulation is to restore that range of motion and function. The benefits of spinal manipulation include increasing range of motion, normalizing muscle contraction, decreasing pain and inflammation, enhancing communication between your joints and your brain, and more!

Step 2 - Muscle Work

Muscles and joints go hand-in-hand, which is why adjustments and muscle work goes hand-in-hand. Sometimes you don’t adjust well because your muscles are too tight OR sometimes your muscles don’t function properly because your joints are restricted. It’s important to work on both the muscles and joints to achieve a healthy musculoskeletal system. Muscle work could look like cupping, scraping, dry needling, Active Release Technique (ART), massage therapy, etc.

Step 3 - Exercise!

Exercises and movement is one of our favorite tools to keep your pain away! Research has shown that when adjustments are coupled with therapeutic exercises, the benefits of the adjustment are longer lasting. This means less frequent visits, less money spent on healthcare, and less pain! For every visit, we select a couple exercises specifically for you and your movement patterns to help strengthen your muscles. These exercises don't require a gym membership or any fancy equipment, rather they are movements that you can incorporate in your everyday life to keep your muscles healthy and happy.

Get lasting relief today! Give us a call at (615)-900-5187 and let’s work together to keep your body moving and functioning the way it should!

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