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Causes of Inflammation

Inflammation is a complex process triggered by various factors. The problem with inflammation is that it can irritate muscles, tendons, joints, nerves, etc. Thus inflammation can increase recovery time, cause pain, and provoke flareups.

Poor Diet - We tend to see a lot of pain flare ups this time of year due to all the Christmas cookies, delicious yet fattening dip, and alcohol. Sugar, flour, processed foods, bad fats can all promote inflammation.

Lack of Exercise - Muscle tissue plays a key role in regulating inflammation by producing anti-inflammatory molecules. When you’re not active, your muscle mass decreases, leading to a reduction of anti-inflammatory factors.

Stress - Stress comes in all forms. However, when the body is under copious amounts of stress, it can trigger the release of inflammatory hormones.

Hidden Toxins or Allergens - Smoking, pollution, exposure to certain chemicals, molds, etc., can all contribute to chronic inflammation. If you are having a flare up or can’t seem to get over an injury, consider what air you are breathing and what environmental toxins you are exposed to.

Lack of Sleep - Rest is super important. While you sleep, your body naturally reduces cortisol, a stress hormone known to promote inflammation. Sleep is also good for a healthy immune system, which can help fight off infections that could produce inflammation.

Even through the holidays, we are here for you! If you need help with pain management, give us a call at (615)-900-5187 or schedule an appointment on our website at

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