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How Vitamin D Helps Fight Seasonal Depression

Updated: May 3, 2023

Winter is coming, which means Seasonal Depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder) rates are increasing. SAD is depression triggered by changes in weather patterns, specifically less sunlight. Symptoms of seasonal depression include lack of energy, lack of interest in social activities, oversleeping, weight gain, and feelings of sadness. This disease affects many people, without them even realizing it.

One way to fight seasonal depression is to increase your intake of Vitamin D. When your body is exposed to sunlight, it helps produce and activate vitamin D in our bodies. Therefore, less natural sunlight due to winter months, means lower vitamin D levels. Furthermore, vitamin D is the most deficient vitamin in the United States.

The benefits of Vitamin D include:

Produces endorphins, dopamine, serotonin

Help promote anti-oxidants

Improves ATP production

Supports melatonin production at night

Regulates your circadian rhythm

Increases nitric oxide

Combat seasonal depression by taking a Vitamin D supplement! Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables will also help. Don't let bad weather put you in a bad mood!

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