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Inner Thigh Pain? Check Out This Exercise!

Do you have pain along your inner thigh or groin area? Have you ever pulled your groin? 

Your adductor or groin muscles are located between your pelvis and your knee on the inside of your leg. They are responsible for helping to stabilize the hips and move your legs inward. We commonly see problems with this area with running and jumping athletes, but it is also common in people who sit for extended periods of time. 

This exercise is an example of an isometric - meaning you aren’t shortening or lengthening the muscle, but you are still generating muscle tension. This is the safest way to strengthen the muscle right after injury. 

Here is how it’s performed:

  1. Make sure you are sitting straight up with your feet hips-width apart. 

  2. Place a pillow, foam roller, or yoga block between your knees. 

  3. Squeeze the object with your knees. 

  4. Hold for 30 seconds and then return to starting position 

  5. Perform three sets

Still having pain down the inner thigh? Give us a call today and we’d love to check out your movement patterns, range of motion, and ultimately find the root cause of your pain.

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