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Limited shoulder range of motion on one side? Try this!

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Asymmetrical shoulder mobility can be caused by several things - injury, scoliosis, adhesive capsulitis, upper back tightness, anatomical abnormalities, nerve damage, and more. However, with all limited mobility comes a greater risk of injury, compensation, and more.

This exercise is meant to help improve mobility and return range of motion to normal.

Grab a broom and give it a try! Grab the broom with both hands, about shoulder-width apart. Let your good arm drive the motion, while the limited shoulder is just along for the ride. Once you hit the point of resistance, push it just a smidge. You want to feel some tightness / discomfort, but not pain. Repeat the same movement 5 times, before switching the direction you are guiding the broom.

Remember, muscles take time to adapt, so you won’t see a change on the first try. Just like you don’t get abs by going to the gym once. But keep working the shoulder every day, reaching the broom a little further.

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