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Services Offered: Soft Tissue Release Technique

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

It is normal to have scar tissue or fibrous tissue form because it helps prevent strains or tears within the muscle. However, when we get too much scar tissue or fibrous tissue, it can cause a functional deficit within the muscle, limit range of motion, increase inflammation, and may even lead to pain. As the dense scar tissue forms, your muscles become shorter and weaker, nerves can become entrapped in the muscle, and tendons become overstretched. This is where Soft Tissue Release Technique can help you!

Soft Tissue Release Technique, also called pin and stretch, is a hands-on technique used to release muscle tension, tone, and fascia. This allows the muscles to slide and glide past one another, as well as decrease friction so your body operates as effectively and efficiently as possible.

This technique works by taking a muscle to its corresponding short position. The doctor will then pin down the muscle using his/her thumb and stretch the muscle to its longest position. This allows the muscle to resume proper length, detangle nerves trapped in the muscle, and improve muscle motion. Other benefits of soft tissue release technique are increased flexibility and range of motion, decreased pain, decreased stiffness and tightness, and more!

If you’re experiencing some tight or stiff muscles, schedule an appointment today by calling or texting (615)-900-5187!

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