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The Benefits of Calf Raises

Calf raises are such a simple exercise that has so many great benefits!

1 - It helps with ankle mobility! If your calf muscles are too tight, it decreases your ankle plantarflexion and dorsiflexion (Pointing and flexing your toes). Decreased ankle mobility puts more stress on the Achilles tendon, the feet, and the knees.


2 - It helps with plantar fasciitis! Plantar fasciitis is not a foot problem, but a calf problem. If your calf muscles are tight, they pull on and irritate your plantar fasciitis.


3 - Calf raises can improve your squat pattern! Even if you don’t like weight lifting, you squat multiple times a day. This could lead to knee and hip issues if your ankles lack mobility.

4 - Help decrease lower leg swelling! As you work your calves, you are getting more blood flow into your legs and feet. It will also help drive your lymphatic or waste system back upward.

Add 3 sets of 10 calf raises per day and see how it transforms all your other movements! It can be done anywhere, so no excuses!

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