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Tight Chest Muscles? Try This!

Do you have tight chest muscles? Limited range of motion in your shoulder? Pain in the front of your shoulder? Trouble reaching overhead? Try this exercise!

To do this exercise,

1. Find a corner of a room

2. Stand in a split-stance position, with one foot in front of the other (It doesn’t matter which foot is forward)

3. Raise your arms until the angle between your side, armpit, and elbow makes a 90 degree angle.

4. Place your forearms on the wall. Your elbow all the way through your wrist should contact the wall.

5. Lean forward towards the corner, leading with your hips.

6. Hold this stretch for 1-2 seconds, then back off. Repeat 10x

7. Perform this exercise 3x per day OR as described by your doctor.

For more great exercise tips and tricks like this one, follow us! If you have an ache or pain, we’d love to help! Schedule an appointment on our website at

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