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Why We Don't Offer Treatment Plans

At Tennessee Back Pain Center, we do not offer treatment plans. The frequency of your visits is based on how you are feeling, how you are responding to care, and your type of injury. At the time of each visit, we decide together when you need to come back. It might be in a couple days, maybe a week, or even a month later.

Furthermore, our ultimate goal is to get you out of pain and get you out of our office! We want to truly be a healthcare provider, meaning we provide the care to keep you healthy, not treat you when you are sick or injured.

In order to do this, we have to work together as a team. Our job as providers is to give you hands-on care, educate you about the condition, and teach you exercises, habits, and tips and tricks to keep the pain away. We want to be transparent with you so you have appropriate expectations and confidence in understanding with your conditions. We also want to equip you with things you can do at home so you don’t rely on us every time you feel a little pain.

So yes, we are like the principal's office! Our job is to get you out of our office; your job is to do your homework and stay out of our office! The more you’re willing to listen and put in a little work, the less you’ll have to see us (and pay us!). But of course, we are always here for you if you need us.

If you or someone you know went to a chiropractor and were told to pay thousands of dollars up front, it might be time to switch chiropractors. The traditional and old school Chiropractors use business tactics to scare you into coming back (text neck, reversed curve, out of alignment, etc.). They tell you to sign up for a plan where you see them 2-3x/week for several weeks or else your body will fall apart. This is not right and it’s time to find a new doctor!

Give us a call today at (615)-900-5187 to schedule an appointment!

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