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Do you have a stiff mid back? Try this exercise!

Mid Back Pain??? 😫

Trigger Points???😤

Desk Worker???👨‍💻

Do you have a stiff mid back? Do you suffer with trigger points between your shoulder blades? Try out this exercise to get good movement into those stuck joints!

We recommend performing this exercise twice a day with 10 to 20 repetitions for three sets. It is easiest to get in a routine of performing this before, and after work. Especially on long workdays with multiple zoom calls, and meetings!

Another way to combat stubborn mid back pain is to visit us for an adjustment! 💥 Adjustment help restore restricted range of motion in those stubborn joints! We also offer dry needling for those achy triggerpoints between the shoulder blades! 💉

Message us or head to the link in our bio if you are ready to find relief!

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