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What Pillow and Mattress is Best For Your Spine?

Let's talk about pillows and mattresses!

A lot of people like to blame their mattress for their low back pain. Can your mattress actually cause pain? Maybe, but there are also likely other lifestyle changes that are equally contributing to your back pain. 

Should I get a firm mattress or a soft mattress? The best mattress for you is the mattress you sleep best on. Having a good night's sleep is way more important than the feeling of your mattress. Lack of sleep leads to stress and stress leads to pain. So if you sleep best on a firm mattress, then buy a firm mattress. If you sleep best on a soft mattress, then buy a soft mattress. Your mattress itself isn't the main contributor to your pain. 

When it comes to pillows, there are some guidelines that dictate whether you should have a thin pillow or a thick pillow. Side sleepers want a thicker pillow so your neck is in a more neutral position as you sleep. Stomach and back sleepers want a thinner pillow so your neck isn't bent forward or backward as you sleep. 

BUT, the same rule still applies - it is more important that you sleep well than follow these guidelines!!

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