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Free Chiropractic Consultations

Do you have an injury and don’t know where to start? Don’t know which type of doctor you need to see? Don’t know if you need an x-ray or MRI? Perhaps you don’t trust doctors until you meet them face to face. Let us take away all the frustrations and worry when it comes to going to the doctors.

Schedule a FREE consultation with us! We will listen to your current aches and pains, ask about your overall health history, and do an examination to determine what we believe is going on. From there, if we think you need a specialist, we will send you in the right direction. We can also order blood work and imaging for you.

You will also have the ability to ask us (the doctors) any questions that you might have! Pick our brains about anatomy and physiology, ask us about nutritional advice, or even ask us to perform a movement screen to determine where and how you could be moving better. We are always here to help you!

Even if you aren’t in pain and just want to stop by for a meet and greet, we love meeting new people and would love to get to know you and hear about your story.

** This special does not include treatment (Adjusting, Soft Tissue Work, etc.)**

Call us today at (615)-900-5187 to schedule your free consultation.

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