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Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes to your musculoskeletal system - your ligaments become lax, your low back carries more weight, and you need a strong pelvic floor to prepare for the birth. The good news is, we can help!!

Whether you are about to start trying, currently pregnant, or postpartum, we are here to help you! Research shows that pregnant women who receive regular chiropractic care have less pregnancy-related symptoms.

Through adjustments and rehabilitative care, pregnant women can receive help with

  • Pelvic irregularities

  • Pelvic Floor Strength

  • Diastasis Recti

  • Low back pain

  • More overall comfort during pregnancy

Getting adjusted while pregnant is proven to be safe. We modify adjustments based on how far along you are, avoid force going through the belly by altering the set-up, and co-manage with your OBGYN to provide the best care for you.

Let us help make your pregnancy journey more comfortable and less stressful, allowing for a smoother birth and quicker recovery. Give us a call today at (615)-900-5187 to schedule your appointment.

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