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Increase Your Salt Intake Before Exercising

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Most people say salt is bad for you, but salt is an essential electrolyte to the human body! Without salt, our body can't absorb water as efficiently. Salt will also drive the water into the vascular spaces so it can move throughout the body.

Benefits of Salt Before Exercise:

1. Prevents muscle cramps

2. Improves hydration

3. Lowers heart rate

4. Increases power output

5. Decreases core body temperature

6. Lowers perceived exertion

7. Increases endurance

8. Increases cardiac output

9. Reduces blood volume drop

10. Replaces lost electrolyte

If you struggle from dehydration, headaches, muscle aches, or more, your body might be getting enough water but not enough nutrients! Try increasing your salt intake.

Fun Fact: Salt is a natural electrolyte! No need to spend money on expensive electrolyte packets when you could just add a little extra salt

P.S. Too much salt is still bad for you! You want a healthy amount.

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