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Updated: Aug 2, 2023

There’s so much more to Chiropractic than the adjustments.

We get asked all the time, what makes your Chiropractic practice different from the rest? It’s incorporating the entire musculoskeletal system into our treatments. Our joints act on our muscles, our muscles use tendons to move bones, our nerves direct our muscles, etc. If one part of the movement system isn’t working, then all of it is dysfunctional.

That’s why we do so much muscle work in our clinic because it helps the adjustments last longer, helps keep the pain away, and it allows your body to move the way it should.

So if your Chiropractor isn’t cupping, scraping, dry needling, prescribing strengthening exercises, then consider going to a chiropractor who does! We would love to work with you and make you feel better. Give us a call today at (615)-900-5187 to hear about all of our great services and how they can benefit you!

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