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Chiropractic Red Flags

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Let’s be honest, not all chiropractors are good. Just like any professional, some Chiropractors can be more of businessmen than healthcare providers. They will do anything to keep you coming back, they will scare you into treatment, and they encourage pricey procedures that are not necessary.

The truth is, it is really easy to show someone an x-ray with degenerative changes and convince them that they need chiropractic for life. It’s easy to explain to someone that they are “out of alignment” so their entire nervous and immune system is compromised. It’s easy for them to just tell you to stop running and your knee pain will go away. That is all easy. The hard part is being truthful, helping a patient regardless of what insurance will pay, and giving the patient the best treatment possible for their condition.

We aren’t saying that we are the world’s best chiropractors, but here at Tennessee Back Pain Center, we truly care about YOU. We are going to be honest on day 1 whether or not we can help you. If not, we are going to send you to someone who can. We are going to provide you with the care and encouragement you need to take control of your health. We are going to give you exercises and tips to do at home so you don’t need to see us all the time. And we are going to treat you like family, get to know you like a friend, and tailor treatment specifically for you.

If your chiropractor only knows you by the back of your head, if they’ve told you to pay them thousands of dollars in advance, or if you aren’t seeing good results in a timely manner, consider a different chiropractor. It doesn’t have to be us, but find someone that fits your personality, encourages your goals, and always listens to every word you say.

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