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How Your Core Can Help Your Low Back Pain

Updated: Aug 2, 2023


No, we are not advocating obesity as a fix for low back pain. What we are talking about here is CORE ABDOMINAL STABILITY! By learning to correctly use your diaphragm in coordination with your abdominal musculature, you can take control of your low back pain.

We see weightlifters with absurd amounts of weight do this all the time with weight belts. They take deep belly breaths in and press out against the weight belt before picking up enormous amounts of weight.

On a smaller scale we can use this same model by replacing the weight belt with our “natural” weight belt (your core abdominal muscles). By learning to contract your diaphragm and core in coordination while picking up external objects, you can save your back from injury.

If you would like a detailed document instructing you on how to understand and execute this concept, click the link below and check out our document titled “Belly Breathing”. If you would like further instruction or if you are currently suffering with low back pain, make an appointment with us on our website. Let us help you get out of pain and back to living your life!

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