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Patient Testimonial!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing the joy on our patients' faces as they leave our office! Pain can be debilitating and depressing, but luckily our doctors are skilled professionals who can help! 

This is Kacy’s story: “I’ve been going to Dr. Porter for more than a year and really truSt her and her knowledge to keep me healthy. They’ve been very accommodating with my schedule as well as treatment courses that I may or may not be comfortable with. I would recommend anyone to the TN Back Pain Center for any back, hip, and joint pain!”

If you are frustrated with healthcare, tired of the same chiropractic treatment, or have been dealing with pain for many many years, give our office a try! We offer a different approach and perspective and work with you to achieve your goals! You can schedule an appointment at or give us a call at (615)-900-5187. 

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