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Simple Back Stretch

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

The muscles of our back are like people with type A personalities - they are always working or up to something because they just can’t sit still. They want to help with every task, even when they aren’t needed. For the muscles of the back, this means they are always on, whether sitting, standing or lying down. They don’t relax, are overworked, and eventually just become super tight.

In these scenarios, it is important to force relaxation, to give the muscles a break. This will help prevent them from getting injured, tight, stiff, and help draw more blood flow to them to promote healing.

This exercise is a simple way to force the muscles of the back to turn off momentarily! You simply place your fists on the small of your back and then push your hips forward, allowing your back to bend backwards.

It is a great exercise for people who

  • Sit all day at work

  • Have sciatica

  • Get pain with prolonged standing

  • Have morning stiffness

  • Bike

  • Work physical labor job

  • Have a disc herniation.

Give this exercise a try! Stop letting your back pain get in the way of your day; schedule your appointment today at (615)-900-5187

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